A Complete Guide And Explanation To Baileys Tree Climbing Gear

bailey's tree climbing gear

Bailey’s tree climbing gear is very famous and has been the choice of many for years. In this article, we will see some of Bailey’s tree climbing gear that is quite useful. If you are a tree climber and wants to get the best gear, then you need to try Bailey’s.

The Wonderful Rope Guard Chainsaw Protective Rope Sleeve

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Are you worried about an inadvertent move, in case you’ll not verify that you are found out within the path of the chainsaw? You’re not alone. Bailey found and popularised the Ropeguard chainsaw protective rope sleeve to tackle this problem. The Ropeguard uses great performing chainsaw fabric with value proven through rigorous field testing and analysis.

Klein Safety Helmet Combo

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The Klein Safety Helmet Combo is the perfect addition to your arborist gear! Compact, lightweight protective helmet design and style for at-height and restricted space applications; low profile bill for unobstructed visibility. Includes helmet, replaceable strap, and visor in one kit. This one is a must-buy one.

The Awesome XSRE Lock W/Captive Bar

The item is compact in size, lightweight and extremely strong. The XSRE Lock Captive Bar featuring a breaking strength of 4 kN, hot-forged I-Beam construction, keylock, screw-lock, with a 12 mm opening, an interesting captive bar and various colours make the XSRE, an awesome handy helper for arranging tools and materials.

The Attractive Gyro

A concise and very dynamic rigging system showcasing proprietary triple swivel design. The rotation of the Gyro swivel is in the least three connection points which allow for numerous possibilities of connection between different aspects that require freedom of movement. Just a couple of possibilities include self-orienting multi-anchoring, multiple connections to a harness, blocking twisting in Y lanyards, multi and cross hauling operations, Tyrolean traverses, difficult rescue procedures.

Tree Climbing Saddle

The Edge II contour back pad has been designed to supply support, comfort, and breathability. The lower Ds leave connection during work positioning and work especially well on spars where you’ll find relief from normally connecting into the side Ds.

Rope Logic Ultra Ring Sling 3

Ultimate simple adjustability meets rigging redirect!

Multiple pockets leave hassle-free, knot-free adjustment.

Manufactured with amazingly strong Samson Tenex Tec 3/4″

Rope Logic Ultra Ring Sling exhibits an #3 Notch Rigging Thimble

Tested and advised to be used only within the choked configuration

X-Rigging RING 36in Loop

The X-Rigging Rings are made from hard-coat anodized aluminium, which makes them strong as an OX!. These are great when it comes to climbing and gives you the perfect balance. You should not miss this one for sure.


Bailey’s tree climbing gear is very popular and people have been using it for years. The gear provides full freedom of movement and is comfortable to wear and use. It is important for tree climbers to use the best gear possible to ensure their safety and convenience.

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