Advanced Rock Climbing Techniques You Might Want To Explore Next

advanced rock climbing techniques

Good climbing skills help to view the impossible climb look easy. So you must understand and practice safe advanced rock climbing techniques to reduce your risks and the chances of getting injured and improve your skills so that you start climbing with the right moves. When you are checking out some rock climbing techniques, you have to take it slow to find out if you are able to do it the right way. You cannot risk it when it comes to something adventurous as Rock climbing.

Advanced Rock Climbing Techniques

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When you go rock climbing, you will not necessarily receive a foothold in every step you make. There may be times where you come across rock slabs or walls with no support for your feet. In this case, smearing is found to be very useful. It is one of the advanced rock climbing techniques, which is crucial for climbers to learn. It is a technical way to press your climbing shoes directly to the surface of the wall to gain friction so that you can move forward. You need to apply pressure in your toes to push your waits and body from the wall naturally and help you climb. This technique requires flexibility and a sense of balance. If you can master this skill, you can quickly advance even through the difficult steep terrains.


Other advanced rock climbing techniques include mantle that many climbers find it challenging to master. It involves the initial pulling force and the subsequent pushing force. This technique, when perfected, is just like coming out of a swimming pool. It involves four major movements, and this might be that move you would want to initiate when you notice that the next hold has a flat surface on which you have to lay your hand flat and your palm down. This technique helps your forearms and chest muscles engage in a great workout session. This advanced technique is relatively hard to master, and most climbers find it intimidating, but this technique is quite useful for your arsenal.

The Final Touch: Kneebar

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Kneebar is one of those advanced rock climbing techniques that may not look like a very difficult position to handle, but depending on the surface, it can turn out to be quite painful, and in some cases, it can also cause bruises. It is one of those advanced rock climbing techniques that allows you to rest in the middle of the route. It often takes time to notice where the kneebar technique can come in handy but mastering these skills also gives the benefit of significantly increasing your reach. To perfect this area, you have to press your toes against a foothold while your bottom of the thigh or knee is pressed into other surfaces in opposition to your foot. You must wear a knee pad so that this technique is more comfortable for you.


These advanced rock climbing techniques can take your climbing to the next level and help you perfect your styles, and teach you some things you have missed out in the beginner lessons.

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