Can Indoor Rock Climbing Techniques Be Your Basic Workout?

Indoor Rock Climbing Techniques

In today’s decade, indoor rock climbing techniques are gaining a lot of popularity. Remember how Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory tried his hands on them? Well, at least he tried!

Are you too interested in trying a new workout? Bored with your regular gym exercises? If yes, then climbing gyms would be happy to teach you indoor rock climbing techniques. Know about these, to prepare yourself for the venture!

Know Some Of The Very Basic Indoor Rock Climbing Techniques Taught In The Climbing Gym

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Bouldering is a stamina booster and a powerful technique. The climbing is done by clasping the artificial rock walls in the gym. There is no provision of extras like ropes, harnesses, and belay tools. Don’t worry! There is an obvious provision of a well-protected padded floor in case you fall off. It also has a shorter but also a tricky reach with nearly aligned boulders and steeper sequences. This technique challenges your brain, and body to look for pathways to finish your climb. It will prepare you to scrabble up your way when you encounter small rock formations!

Top Roping

It is a kind of free climbing. It holds similarity with the rope and pulley idea. You climb on the rope with the belay device at your end, while the rope is already anchored safely at the top. So, when you lose your balance, you don’t actually fall on the floor, instead of fall in place.

Lead climbing

This is one of the most popular indoor rock climbing techniques that would fascinate an adventure lover or a sports freak. When you start climbing, you go up with the rope tied along with your harness. As you progress up, you clip the device on the climbing wall. You can arrest your fall on your previous clip as you climb your path further upwards.

How To Make Indoor Rock Climbing Techniques Efficient?

All you need to do this be aware of your different body parts and avoid straining unnecessarily.

Straighten your arms: Keeping them straight and not bending your elbows will do a favor to your muscles.

Use your vision: Focus on potential holds on the wall. Identify the halt points, where you can take a quick rest.

Focus on core strengthening: Engage the core when you climb, because these are the muscles that you really require a strong workout.

Ace your footwork: From beginners to professional champs, footwork makes them perfect in indoor rock climbing techniques.

Don’t overstress your fingers: Keeping your hip portion close to the wall, will give the weight to your legs, saving your fingers from getting hurt.

Push your legs up: We usually have the misconception that climbing the wall would require pulling our upper body. So, while taking up the climber’s lessons push up your lower limbs.


With these exciting indoor rock climbing techniques, you also get a great full-body workout. So, why wait? Get your rock shoes and join the indoor climbing revolution!


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