Cheap Climbing Equipment – How To Find It Online

cheap climbing equipment

There are a lot of cheap climbing equipment niches out there. Niche markets are great areas to target because they have limited competition and high demand. For example, you can buy climbing shoes for $50 or less. That’s pretty amazing when you compare it with well-known brands like Adidas, Asolo, Smith, Volcom, Nikita, Black Diamond, Mountain Hardware, etc.

Search For The Best Places For Getting Climbing Equipment

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To start your quest for cheap climbing equipment, look in the right places. Start by looking at what the best climbers in your local area are buying. Who else is in your neighborhood using the best brands and selling them at good prices? Head keywords for these climbers are “cycling gear” and “mountaineering gear.” Next, look at their websites and see if they sell any climbing products on their sites or a store website with their name and a link to a sales page.

Check The Reviews

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Check the internet for reviews of the particular brands and models being searched for. For example, if someone looking for a tent mentions commercial intent behind his search, he might be looking for an inexpensive tent. Another example is someone looking for a new rock climbing wall says something like “technical climbs with dangerous moves.” These searchers are unlikely to be looking for the top-of-the-line stuff that the big brands sell. They are most likely looking for a budget-friendly alternative. Head keywords for this group of searchers may be “mountaineering gear,” “climbing walls,” or “sport and fitness.”

Do The Right Keyword Research

Also, consider how your search terms are laid out. Using the right keywords will get you the best results for your keyword search. Be careful, though, not to get too specific, as you’ll probably be missing some searchers. For example, body keywords may mean “climbing equipment” or “bags for climbing,” but if it’s written as “mountaineering gear,” you might miss out on those people who are searching for something specific. Use body keywords to focus on the intent of your search rather than the precise words used in the search term.

Consider Some Important Categories

To narrow down your list of potential climbing equipment keywords, consider the following broad categories: general outdoor sports (general outdoor activities), mountaineering/mountain climbing, rock climbing, indoor sports (gyms), and fitness/stadium fitness. You may also want to include a smaller segment of these general niches in your search. For example, you may want to have “climbing shoes” or “mountaineering shoes” in your overall searches. These broader niches will make your search easier to perform and more targeted.

Curate Some Articles

After you have done a little keyword research to find your actual target audience, it’s time to start writing articles to target your market. I recommend using high-quality article writing software like WordPress to ensure that your content is original and not plagiarized. Then, outsource article writing to a local expert on the topic of your choice, or learn how to write articles properly yourself.

Final Thoughts

As a final step to rank for your main goal in this business, be sure that you are ranking for the best possible keyword phrase. This will ensure that your articles will rank higher in the Google and Yahoo search engines. It is important that you understand the ins and outs of internet marketing and how internet searches work before diving into the SEO world. To get a head start in the race to get cheap climbing equipment, take advantage of the free resources available online to get you started.

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