Cheap Climbing Gear For Beginners

cheep climbing gear

Climbing is one of the most popular activities for people to take part in. Not only is it an activity that can provide you with a lot of enjoyment, but it also provides you with some great memories that you can hold onto for a lifetime. There are a lot of different things to keep on hand so that you don’t forget anything important when you are enjoying yourself, so here are a few of the most popular pieces of cheap climbing gear.

First off, there are chalk bags and chalk crayons. Chalk bags are used when you are climbing. There are different kinds, including those that have sissy bar attachments and those that are made specifically for climbing. The chalk that you will find at any sporting goods store is generally made from chalk dust that is ground to a fine powder. It is a thick white powder that can be mixed with water to make it even more powdered so that it can be applied to the rocks you are climbing on.

Chalk Crayons

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Chalk crayons are made in a similar fashion to chalk bags. However, instead of being packed in a sissy bar, these are packed in an accordion-like case. These cases are made of canvas, and then they are attached to the back of the rock climber by small cording lines. You can purchase these as a single unit, or you can buy them attached together. They are great for chalk bags with climbing because they give you the ability to chalk the entire area you are climbing on. It is easier to chalk when wet and this makes it possible to place chalk everywhere instead of worrying about it being slippery when dry.

Another popular piece of rock climbing gear that you may want to consider bringing along is a belay device. There are two basic kinds of belay devices; traditional screw and pin systems. The pin system is usually more affordable, but the screw system is a bit more sturdy. It basically is a piece of rope that has a loop on the other end that you are climbing harnesses thread through.

Belay Devices

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A good belay device should not only clip securely onto the harness but should clip securely onto the rock climbing harness. Before you buy any belay devices, make sure they have been tested and certified for use in the area you plan to climb in. Buying a cheap one that is not certified, is a waste of money, and could cause you to be injured. These safety devices will also come in handy if you are climbing with friends or family who are not familiar with the techniques used in rock climbing.

Next, you will need some rope. One of the best pieces of rock climbing gear you can buy is a rope. These can be purchased at many sports stores and even online. Ropes come in a variety of weights, lengths, and materials. Make sure you buy a rope that is thick enough for the size of the person you are climbing with, so the rope does not break when it is being pulled by someone stronger.

Climbing Harnesses

Climbing harnesses are an important piece of equipment, especially for beginners. A good harness will allow you to easily go up and down the mountain, without having to worry about your partner struggling to keep you safe.

Make sure you choose a harness with chest and arm rests, a chin strap, and comfortable chest straps. Chances are the harnesses you find will all do the job they are designed for, but there are models available that are designed specifically to meet a specific need.


When buying all of your rock climbing gear, make sure you take your time and don’t buy too much. If you buy too much, it can get to be too much, and you’ll need another bag to carry it in. With the right types of gear and the correct safety precautions, you’ll have an enjoyable time enjoying the sport of rock climbing.

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