Climbing Gear Clothing Tips To Choose The Right Clothes

climbing gear clothing

When you are an active outdoor sportsman, one of the pieces of equipment you will take with you on every mountain trek and other outings is your climbing gear. You will need to find clothing that is warm, dry, waterproof, and has enough room for your clothing and gear. This article will focus on three types of climbing gear clothing that you can use. There is also a popular article about buying all the equipment you need for climbing online. That can be found by following the link at the end of this article.

Climbing Gear Clothing

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The primary item in any piece of climbing gear is a helmet. These helmets protect the skull from rocks and hard surfaces that you may encounter on a mountain. Since a lot of rock climbing occurs on steep slopes, the standard helmet will not do you much good. If you want to lessen the trauma of a fall, you need to wear a helmet that is designed for this type of terrain.

You will also find a number of clothing items that you can’t do without when you are climbing. Your clothing selection depends on where you plan to climb. When you are going to climb in the woods, you will need a pair of boots. They come in different styles and colors. When you are doing mountaineering, your clothing selection needs to be composed of a pair of gloves, a thick jacket, and a backpack to keep your body warm while you are carrying a lot of supplies and equipment.


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Some people are into mountaineering and enjoy climbing without a partner. If you are one of these people, you need clothing that allows you to stay safe in the event that another person should fall while you are climbing. Clothes that are warmer, waterproof, and durable are all great additions to your climbing gear clothing. A good example of this type of clothing is the thermal long Johns.

Cold weather climbing can take a lot of the fun out of outdoor activities for some people. You will need a lot of warm clothing when you are climbing in the winter. If you are climbing in the winter, you will also want gloves that are lightweight. Other clothing items for cold weather include booties, gloves, sweaters, jackets, and hats. These items are all imperative for winter climbing.

Things To Consider

When you are climbing, it is important to dress appropriately. You need to wear layers so that you will be kept warm. The more layers you wear, the better chance that you have of staying warm. When you are climbing in the wind, be sure to keep in at least two pieces of clothing. This can be a t-shirt and a pair of pants. Windbreakers are also nice if you are going to be climbing in the wind.

You may think that you don’t need any clothing for wintertime climbing, but you really do need some form of gloves. A great choice of the glove to have available when climbing is an elastic glove. These are great because they offer very little in the way of protection but provide an excellent level of comfort. Other clothing items that you may want to consider purchasing include helmets, ropes, harnesses, climbing harnesses, belay devices, and rappelling devices.

Bottom Line

There are many places where you can purchase climbing gear clothing. There are even stores dedicated to selling climbing gear clothing. Most sporting goods stores should carry a range of clothing items. There are also many specialty stores devoted solely to selling a variety of climbing gear, clothing, and accessories. If you are in the market for more specific clothing items, there are also online stores that specialize in mountain climbing gear clothing. The internet offers a great place to shop for clothing that will help keep you warm and dry as you enjoy the great outdoors.

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