Climbing Tools To Look Out For While Solving A Climbing Tool Crossword

Climbing Tool Crossword

Numerous climbing tools exist, such that you may get overwhelmed going by the sheer numbers. This gets worse when you play climbing tool crossword. You won’t be able to pierce together a word when you don’t even know the tool. It is imperative you learn about each tool, how they look like, and their usage. We’ve put together some climbing tools; common words to look out for while solving a climbing tool crossword.


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Also done in many other sports, you put on a helmet to protect your head from injuries. You can have falling objects from other climbers fall on you. You may even take a fall yourself. There is also exposure to falling rocks. So how do you protect your head from injuries? Helmet to the rescue.

A helmet is not always comfortable to wear. It may even obstruct your view and heat up sometimes. But since your safety is paramount, you have to put up with putting a helmet on when you climb.

Note that a head injury will prevent you climbing further, so make the right decision.


Climbing in the past was strenuous as you have to tie climbing ropes directly on your body. With a harness however, you wear it around your body to help with belaying and climbing.

Different types of harness exist; seat harness, chest harness, full body harness and seat harness. Commonly worn is the seat harness. Wearing a harness protects you when you suffer a flip.


Different types of rope exist. For climbing however, we make use of dynamic ropes. Since dynamic ropes can stretch with maximum load, they have the ability to absorb the impact if you fall while climbing. There are three types of dynamic ropes; single ropes, twin ropes, and double/half ropes. These ropes differ in diameter and length.

Static ropes, since they can’t stretch and elongate, are used in rescue missions, and to transport materials.


Carabiners serve multiple purposes. They can be used in belaying, clipping onto anchors, and rappelling. You should have one before you embark on climbing. They come in different shapes; oval, D-shaped, offset D-shaped and pear-shaped. The gates also vary based on the intended purpose. The gates may be bent, straight or wired.

Runners Or Slings

These climbing tools are used to belay, and also when setting up anchors. These tools are made using webbing and cords.

Other Climbing Tools You Should Know

Belay Device;

Climbing Anchors (Fixed and Removable);

Ice Axe;



Solving climbing tool crosswords may prove difficult. This is why you have to get familiar with climbing tools, how they look, and their uses. We discuss some climbing tools to look out for while solving a climbing tool crossword.

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