Climbing Wall Kids: Benefits And Fun Doing It

Climbing Wall Kids: Benefits

One of the basic instincts of children lies in jumping, climbing walls kids and exploring their surroundings in search of fun. Hence it is not surprising that all traditional playgrounds for children include rockers and monkey bars.

Climbing Wall Kids: Benefits
Climbing Wall Kids: Benefits

While climbing natural spaces has always been a man-made activity, the developers of the climbing walls for children managed to provide a safe and conditioned space, a place of more complex and improved fun for children to practice what both they like.

It is notorious that, in almost all of the parks or recreational spaces for children around the world, there is a climbing wall. However, aside from the fun, do you know the benefits of this physical activity for your children?

A different, fun and beneficial way for children to channel those large doses of energy. As a result, they emanate relentlessly is to practice the beautiful and complete sport of climbing. Moreover, it’s an activity that contrary to what many believe, is not an exclusive activity for adults

The climbing children combine fun, physical activity, but can also be performed indoors, often carried out in direct contact with nature, which is challenging to learn to control and, above all, respect.

Main Benefits Of Climbing Walls Kids

Climbing is a sport that brings many advantages at different levels: physical, psychological and social, since, at the same time it serves to develop muscles, joints and physical skills (coordination, strength in arms and legs, sense of balance …), It also serves to improve self-esteem and face challenges. But perhaps the most important thing is that, by practicing in a group and needing the help of each other, it is a great opportunity to socialize and learn to work in a team.

Main Benefits For Climbing Wall Kids:

  • It serves to develop the child’s psychomotor skills.
  • It improves agility and balance.
  • Climbing Wall Kids develops flexibility, muscular strength in arms and legs and endurance.
  • It improves confidence and self-esteem.
  • Help overcome challenges.
  • Promotes group work and peer trust
  • It promotes knowledge and respect for nature and the environment.
  • It allows combatting nervousness and better channel energy.

7 Tips To Get The Most Out Of It

Here are some tips recommended by experts to enhance the benefits of climbing and get children to enjoy more and gain in safety:

Climbing Wall Kids: Benefits
Climbing Wall Kids: Benefits
  1. Organize the activity always with a monitor or through a specialized company. It is the best way to guarantee everyone’s safety.
  2. Although you can start earlier, it is not until 8 or 9 years old when children can learn some technical fundamentals.
  3. To gain confidence and learn the basics, it is recommended that children start doing some class with a monitor in an enclosed area (climbing wall) before climbing outdoors.
  4. Avoid performing this activity in adverse weather conditions: excess cold or heat, rain, snow, fog, etc.
  5. The equipment to be used must be specific and adapted to children, especially the helmet, cats and harness.
  6. Pay attention to children at all times to avoid mishaps, so it is important that there are several adults in the group.
  7. Choose accessible climbing routes and as linear as possible .
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