Cut Fat Faster With Mountain Climbers Exercise- Know Its Benefits Here

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Body fat is something that troubles everyone at some point in time. It is because our lifestyle doesn’t remain the same all the way. Stress and an unbalanced personal and professional life can steal your health. This shifts your focus from health, and gradually you start gaining weight. But you can stay within a healthy weight range or cut fat quickly with mountain climbers’ exercise.

No other exercise is needed. Learn more about it here.

Mountain Climbers Exercise- What Is It And Its Benefits?

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It is a full-body workout that tones each part of your body, unlike another exercise that works specifically on a particular part. From hips, chests, legs, arms, and tummy, all are involved in it. Here are the benefits of mountain climbers exercise you will get:

1. One hour of this workout helps you maintain weight

2. It strengthens your upper body

3. You can improve the core strength easily with this exercise by doing it at different intensities.

4. The exercise is good for those as well who complain about knee pain as it doesn’t impact these areas of the body.

5. Since it involves each part of the body, it makes you flexible and strong.

When it has so many benefits, why not try it? Wondering if you have to climb the mountain? Not at all. You can do it at home. Follow the steps as mentioned.

How To Do Mountain Climbers Exercise?

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1. Bend down on the ground with hands and legs on the floor

2. Raise your body in a runner position

3. Look straight and bring your left leg towards the chest

4. Put it back to the original place and now move your right leg to the chest

5. Repeat these steps

You can start slow and increase speed once you find balance with the position. Beginners should not do more than 4 sets with 25 repetitions each. Intermediates can increase the repetitions up to 50, and those who are at an advanced level should ideally do 100 reps.

You can also change the number of reps at your convenience. If you don’t want to count the reps, then set your clock to 30 seconds and stop once it is over. One-minute mark is good for intermediates.

Additional Tips On Reps

However, do not try to do the reps at a fast speed, or else you may get hurt. If you feel pain anywhere while doing mountain climbers exercises, stop immediately. Follow the steps for a week, and you will start seeing changes.

Besides exercise, make sure you are getting enough protein to repair damaged tissues and muscles during the workout. Do it alternatively or twice a week if you are a beginner to put your body in the habit.


Those with any serious back and knee pain or any other health issues should first consult a doctor or perform under supervision. Take care of these points and lose weight efficiently at home.

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