Essential Mountain Climbing Clothing To Stay Comfortable While Mountaineering

mountain climbing clothing

Just like backpacks that consist of all the essential items you need while traveling, camping, hiking, etc., clothing is equally important. While mountaineering, the temperature may be different from the bottom at the peak, and for that, you need to be ready with layers. You can choose layers according to your comfort level and according to the temperature of the environment. Remember that weather can change dramatically and quickly and for that, you need to be prepared and having an extra jacket is a must thing you should carry along with you. You don’t want to overload your backpack with only warm clothes; there are many important things you will need to carry with you. So always go for jackets that are light in weight and are warmer than the heavier and bulkier ones. Mountain climbing clothing fabric should be like polyester that dries up quickly, wool that will keep you warm, instead of cotton, which is a poor insulator and takes a very long time to dry.

This article is about mountain climbing clothing, and where we will be discussing what the first two layers you should have while mountaineering are.

Different Layers Of Mountain Climbing Clothing

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The first layer of clothing is the essential one as it is the base layer of your mountain climbing clothing. In the first layer of mountain climbing clothing, you need to focus on your undergarments. Here is an example of what kind of undergarments you can have.


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Since you are going for mountaineering, you need to have underwear that is airy, breathable and the material should be wool or synthetic. The style is your preference.


A bra with metal or plastic parts can dig into your skin when you are carrying your heavy backpacks, causing an unpleasant and uncomfortable experience. Go for bras which are without any clasp are the most comfortable one.


Good quality socks are very important to keep your feet warm, dry, and comfortable on a long climb. While mountaineering always goes for wool or synthetic and never for cotton socks. If your trip is a week-long, two extra pairs of socks are more than enough. Don’t go for ankle socks; always choose knee-high length socks.

The second layer is also known as the mid-layer and the second base of the mountain climbing clothing layer, where you will need

Fleece Jacket

A lightweight fleece jacket is a nice piece to pull on over your first layer when you will stop or take a break after reaching your approach hike.

Soft-Shell Jacket

A soft jacket is water-resistant, better breathable, better wind. You can interchange soft-shell jackets with fleece jackets or may carry both according to the conditions of the mountain you are climbing.

Soft-Shell Climbing Pants

A soft-shell climbing pant is something that every mountaineering will need and wear from the parking area to the peak of the mountain. The material used in making these pants are stretchy and water-resistant.


There are two more layers that you need to put on, which is the Insulation layer and the outer layer of mountain climbing clothing. In which the insulation layer includes an insulated jacket, insulated pants, winter hats, glacier glasses, Midweight gloves, gaiters. And the outer layer includes a waterproof jacket, waterproof pants, ski goggles, neck gaiter, etc.

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