Exercises Mountain Climbers Can Do

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Mountain climbers are some of the toughest athletes out there. They are pushing themselves to the limit in an attempt to increase their vertical leap, running long distances continuously, high intensity training, intense workouts and strict diets. As a mountain climber you are always working against your own body weight pushing yourself further to achieve new personal records. For those who are new to this sport, the best advice is to start slowly.

Exercises for Mountain Climbers

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Most mountain climbers start with moderate weights and high repetition sets. They work their way up from doing ten reps at one minute intervals until they can perform ten reps at one minute intervals. The key to this form of exercise is controlling your body’s motion so that you maintain proper form throughout the whole workout. Once you have mastered proper form you can begin to add weight and increase the number of reps you can do.

Another popular mountain climbers exercise is the plank. The plank is also known as the mountain climber hindu routine or the rope exercise. This exercise is performed by laying flat on your back with your feet hip distance apart. You then want to hold on to the edge of a rope and pull yourself up to a standing position while keeping your elbows on the floor. Repeat this exercise twenty times.

Another mountain climber exercise that is commonly done is wrist curls. In order to perform wrist curls you will need either a medicine ball or your body weight. To perform the wrist curl you will place your hands directly under the armpits. Make sure that your palms face towards your legs and that your elbows are pointing outwards.

One of the most popular mountain climbers workouts is a combination of strength training and cardio. This type of workout allows mountain climbers to use both their upper and lower body for resistance during their workout. If done correctly you will begin to notice an increase in stamina and endurance while also burning more calories and fat.

There are a few different options for these types of exercises. One way is to simply raise and lower your reps. For instance, if you normally do three sets of ten reps, but decide you would like to do six reps, you would simply lower your reps. Doing this exercise in this manner will burn much more calories and you will be able to continue doing the same amount of reps. Another option to choosing a cardiovascular workout is to simply walk briskly. As long as you increase your heart rate for at least sixty minutes it will still be considered as being an effective work out for mountain climbers.

These exercises are great for those who are mountain climbers that need to get in better shape. These types of workouts are great because they will get the heart rate up and keep it up for the duration of your workout routine. By raising your heart rate you are burning calories and fat even at rest which will allow you to lose weight as well. By keeping it up for a period of time, you will be able to continue with your intense workout routine. You may also choose to take a high intensity cardio workout such as treadmill running or stair stepping instead of walking or jogging on the treadmill. When it comes to losing weight, mountain climbers should always combine cardiovascular exercises with a diet that is high in vegetables and protein.

End Note

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These exercises can also be performed by mountain climbers properly by starting in a high plank position with your feet hip-width apart and holding onto your upper body with both hands. You will then bend your elbows and begin to push yourself off of the ground while still holding onto your upper body. By slowly moving yourself forward and leaning forward, you will be working the muscles in your chest and stomach. Finally, when you get up you should be in the same posture you were in before except you will be using your legs to push yourself back up. As you can see, these exercises are easy enough for any mountain climber to perform and they can help you get fit while enjoying the great outdoors.

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