Indoor Rock Climbing Equipment – What You Need For Your First Rock Climbing Trip

indoor rock climbing equipment

When you are getting ready to start rock climbing, you will need some basic indoor rock climbing equipment and some specialized equipment for certain types of climbs. You will find that every kind of indoor rock climbing equipment has its specific uses. It is important to choose equipment wisely since you will use it for quite some time. Rock climbing gear is available in many sports stores and climbing outlets. Before you buy any indoor rock climbing equipment, you may want to consider what you will be using to get the best equipment possible.

Climbing Shoes

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Shoes are important and say a great deal about the person, or persons, climbing, when it comes to the indoor rock climbing equipment. They will usually have a good fit, some padding, and maybe nice sticky rubber soles. This does not mean that they should always be uncomfortable. Some people are just used to wearing special shoes when they do very different things from others. If the shoes are uncomfortable, then it is unlikely that you will enjoy your time at the rock climbing gym.

Indoor Rock Climbing Gym

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When looking for the best indoor rock climbing equipment, consider an indoor rock climbing gym. Indoor gyms are designed specifically to hold people who cannot climb outdoors to have safe and enjoyable workouts. The indoor rock climbing equipment that is most popular among climbers is a climbing harness. It is essential to learn how to use the climbing harness properly not to cause yourself physical injury.

Belay Device

Another type of indoor rock climbing equipment is a belay device, also known as a device used to hold a rope between two standing points, which is usually on top of a mountain or some other type of structure. The typical belay device is a piece of nylon webbing that is attached to the climber’s harness. The belay device will come in many different styles, colors, materials, etc. Some of the more popular types of indoor belay devices are the Power Grips, the Stompa, the BackPack, the Snugpak Locator, the Gri-Gri, and the Power Block.

Chalkboards And Chalk Bags

Other indoor rock climbing equipment used in gyms or inside rock climbing studios consists of chalk bags and chalkboards. A chalk bag is a bag that holds chalk and is carried by the climber. Chalkboards are just like chalk bags, but they are chalkboards covered in a special material that allows the chalk to remain wet, dry, and perform well even when wet. Both of these chalk bags and chalkboards are available at a variety of different chalkboard stores.

Final Thoughts

Climbing shoes, once again, are essential because your feet will be the most fragile part of your body while you are climbing. Rock climbing shoes are made of heavy-duty leather or vinyl material, and they feature a reinforced footbed. Many climbing shoes are equipped with laces, which are strong and allow for the easy sliding of your feet into the sandstone.

Some indoor rock climbing shoes are made with an insole placed under your foot to protect your foot. Some of the better indoor climbing shoes have full-grain uppers, leather outsoles, and rubber soles. The best climbers will spend a lot of time shopping for their shoes because the right gear can mean the difference between failure and success.

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