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If you are a new bee in mountain climbing or just willing to try this weekend then, there are certain things that you must learn before going further. You should understand the proper usage of all the climbing gear. Also, keep in mind which tool is used in what type of situation? As mountain climbing is a true challenge in itself, it attracts people to it because of the beauty and contentment you get after all the hustle-bustle is speechless. However, it doesn’t  matter which type of climbing you are going with; it is the language of gears; therefore, it is essential to invest your money in high-quality for a smooth and safe journey with the mountains.

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So, have you decided on your favorite mountain climbing that suits you the most? It doesn’t matter if you are going to try Mount Hood, Kilimanjaro, the nearest mountain by your place, or more. You must be aware of the basic equipment, which includes climbing ropes, harnesses, climbing shoes, crampons, crash pads, and more. Let’s check the in-depth information about these games and also about their usages.

● Climbing shoes

Choosing the correct pair of shoes is the most important thing, and you should consider your climbing plans before finalizing your decision. These shoes are built of either leather or synthetic stuff, and they are different from normal shoes because your climbing shoes can uphold the area surrounded by your foot and reclines atop the sole itself.

● Crampons

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Crampons are a metal covering which looks like a skeleton and is attached to your

climbing shoes for additional grip when you are climbing on a slippery surface, in

water or snow. Most of the crampons have 12 points; some may also have 10 points.

However, the benefit of two pointed straight out on the toe is that it makes the front

pointing much easier.

● Climbing harnesses

Climbing harnesses are specially prepared for distinct types of climbing. For example, if you visit the gym, a park, alpine, ice, wall, general climbing, etc. There is a specific harness designed for each type of climbing; it safeguards the climber from an anchor point. While choosing a harness, keep in mind a few points:

➢ Are you looking for a lightweight harness?

➢ You want your harness to be more comfortable?

➢ Are you a beginner?

➢ Planning for an occasional outdoor climb with your friends?

➢ Make a clear vision about your goals and consider the right harness for


● Crash Pads

They are placed between the climber and the ground to help you minimize the impact of falling. They are constructed of foam, wrapped with durable fabric, and solid straps and handles are put for easy handling. Crash pads are often used for

bouldering as well as sport climbing at the time when you will be inferring the route in advance. As you already know, while clinging, you have to be more conscious and protective because one single careless mistake might lead you to tremendous danger. 


It is important to take proper types of equipment and gear with yourself and be educated about each gear you choose. Good luck with your first climbing tour!

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