Learn Some Big Wall Climbing Techniques For The Best Experience

big wall climbing techniques

Whether you’re trying to learn new big wall climbing techniques or some of the more basic moves, it’s easy to get discouraged when you’re not making progress. It’s important to remember though that progress doesn’t always mean a bigger wall next time. If you continue to have trouble with one climb after another, you should consider working on a new skill set entirely. Instead of just continuing to do what you’re comfortable with, you should look into new moves or even take up another sport altogether.

Frustration Of Climbing Slow

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Sometimes, people begin to feel frustrated because they find that they are simply not climbing as fast as they think that they should be. There is no need to stress yourself out over this though. Even if you aren’t moving as quickly as you’d like, keep in mind that you’re an athlete who is doing the right thing. Allowing yourself to feel frustrated, is something that climbers do a lot of.

Learning new skills is an important part of being a good climber though. If you don’t try something new out and it doesn’t work out for you, that’s just the end of the line. Instead, focus on your failures and move on. Just keep in mind that when you’re progressing as a climber, you need to be willing to try new things as well.

The next time you are ready to give climbing a shot, there are plenty of big wall climbing techniques to try. Keep in mind that if you have a fear of heights, you might have a better time trying other methods that don’t involve climbing up a big wall. Of course, if you feel comfortable going up that high and you have a desire to conquer the mountain, then you can certainly climb up a wall.

Focus On Form Instead Of Style

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One big wall climbing technique that many people use is to focus on form instead of style. You may have a favorite way to do things, but if you are not consistent you will never be as effective as you can be. Take note of where you place your feet. This will help you determine how you should climb. Do you climb with your legs or arms? Do you loop the arm around behind you to support yourself?

Climbers Who Like To Focus On Power Instead Of Style

There are some. They like to get up the big wall fast and press on with their bodies. Before you begin to climb up a big wall, be sure to spend some time working on your form. Try running or doing exercises to strengthen and tone your legs. You can also try to strengthen your arms so you can hang on to the wall better.

Bottom Line

These are just a few big wall climbing techniques to use to safely get up a huge rock face. If you follow these techniques, you will not only be a pro at climbing, but you will have more fun. Make sure you have all the equipment and protective gear that you need before you go climbing. You can be one of the best climbers out there without the equipment. Just be safe and have fun!

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