Names For Mountain Climbing Equipment

climbing equipment names

Climbing Equipment Names is the process of coming up with good names for the climbing gear you will use in your workouts and competitions. There are many different names for what we use and what is popular. A climbing gym, by definition, is an indoor climbing facility or gym that specializes in training professional climbers. There are also indoor climbing gyms, but they’re not officially associated with a climbing club. So, how do you come up with good names for your gear?

An Overview

I would suggest getting some names from past climbers you know and trust. Find out what their favorite’s names were and what made them fall in love with the gear. For example, one of my favorite names was Black Diamond. The Black Diamond ice climbing set is perfect for people who love to climb on the mountain and snow, but aren’t necessarily “mountaineering” enthusiasts. It’s perfect for indoor climbing or indoor workouts because it is a sturdy and rugged set that’s made especially for those who do serious climbing indoors.

Some other names you might hear mentioned are: Radish, Volcom, Oakley, Smith, Spy, Nikita, Eagle Creek, Dakine, Mountain Hardwear, Mountain River and others. Just remember the ones you hear mentioned the most and take note of their quality. You want a company with a reputation for making high-quality products that last a long time.

What kinds of climbing equipment do you want? For me, the two names to come to mind when I think about climbing equipment. For some people, they like to climb on rock faces but aren’t heavy climbers so they get indoor equipment geared toward indoor climbing. For other people, they like to go off the mountain and do multi-day back country trips where their only challenge is staying on the trail (which can be done with an indoor climbing gym, mountaineering, or bouldering).

Other Names

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So what are some of the other names for mountain climbing equipment? Ice climbing harnesses are great for cold days when your only choice for warmth is a special pair of gloves. Harnesses are also good at controlling sweat so if you’re doing an alpine trip, you may not need the kind of protection offered by a thick wool jacket. If you’re doing standard indoor climbing, you likely don’t need anything fancy.

When you’re buying rock climbing equipment, try to stick with the names you know and love. This will make your life easier when you buy new equipment. Don’t let the salespeople talk you into something you don’t need. Remember that it’s called climbing equipment; it’s meant to be climbing equipment. Get what you need and leave the fancy gear to the professionals!

Final Thing

Sometimes, you’ll run into a place where there aren’t any stores in the area or if you can’t find the equipment locally, online is the next best alternative. Online sites like ebay offer a wide range of climbing equipment for all levels of ability. You can browse through their wide selection easily and quickly find what you’re looking for, the price range, the model and color and even how to use it (I’m sure you’ll be surprised at just what you’ll find). You can even get deals and discounts online that you won’t get when you’re fighting the crowds in the mall.


Climbing equipment is a great way to get in shape and feel better about yourself. It’s a good idea to take some time and do some research before you buy anything because it’s an expensive hobby. With so many different name brands and models, you’ll be amazed at the choices and the quality. The names for mountain climbing equipment don’t have to be intimidating!

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