Rock Climbing Accessories For Your Adventures

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Whether you climb for sport, a romantic adventure, or just to get fit and healthy, there are many pieces of climbing equipment that you will need. The three most essential pieces of equipment when climbing are the harness, belay device, and climbing shoes. Without these three pieces of equipment, your climbing experience can be severely limited. There are many types of harnesses, belay devices, and climbing shoes to choose from.

Belay Devices 

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There are two primary types of climbing accessories you will need to use when climbing: a harness and quickdraws. A harness is a type of tie-down system that holds you up while in the climbing area. There are four main harnesses: front-mounted, top mount, tandem mount, and retractable harness. Most climbers prefer the front mounting harness because it is easier to adjust and wear.

Climbing Shoes 

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These are also considered to be some of the most important pieces of climbing accessories. Chalk bags are a great addition to your shoes. The chalk bag will protect your feet from the elements and your perspiration. A chalk bag should have a retractable lapel that is easy to take off and put back on. The chalk bag is often used as a backup to a helmet.

Climbing Brush 

A chalk bag and a chalk brush are two essential features that you will find with almost every chalk bag. A chalk bag is used to draw chalk lines, while a brush is used to apply chalk dust to your clothing. There is usually a small gap at the top of the brush to attach a carabiner.

Belay Glasses 

A belay glass is a must-have when climbing. Belay glass will keep your eyes open while you are climbing. It will also keep you from rolling an ankle in your rope, which would cause an injury. There is a lot of debate about whether a stainless steel or carbon fiber belay glass is better, but in general, stainless steel is more rugged and more comfortable.


A significant part of almost any climbing trip will involve connecting two people using a harness. There are two basic types of harnesses: aid belay devices used with a camming device and single rope harnesses. There are four primary kinds of harnesses: mono-filament, nylon, figure eight, and abseil. While mono-filament is the most common, figure eight and abseil are great options as they offer excellent comfort and great strength, respectively.

Final Thoughts

Leg Loops Belay harnesses usually feature leg loops to help secure a climber’s weight while standing in the harness. There are two essential features of leg loops: front leg loops or back leg loops. The front leg loop usually has an additional clip or buckle that allows you to adjust it to be placed further away from your body for more comfort. The back leg loop can either be left open or closed. Both feature spring-loaded mechanisms that allow you to tighten the harness to have a tight fit when in use. Some models of rock climbing harnesses also feature waist loops for easy access to your climbing gear.

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