Rock Climbing Tips For Beginners – Wear the Right Clothing

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Rock climbing is an outdoor sport that has now reached all parts of the world. There are people who love this adventurous activity so much that they take it up as a serious hobby. The good news is that indoor rock climbing tips and techniques can be learned with the use of rock climbing walls and equipment. One does not need to go to a specialized school to know the basics of this sport.

An Overview

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You do not need to purchase expensive or complicated equipment if you want to excel in rock climbing. Before anything else, one should know his strengths and limitations. Rock climbing will help you develop your skills so you will be able to use your strengths to climb better and easier. This is one of the most important indoor rock climbing tips because you need to know your limits and capabilities to prevent injuries.

It is a good idea to have some idea on where you are going to climb, why you are doing it and what you will be needing to carry with you. These indoor rock climbing tips will keep you safe and minimize the risk of accidents. Rock climbing should only be done in designated areas that are guarded by police. This should make things easier for you.

Rock Climbing Shoes

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You will need to wear a pair of rock climbing shoes. The shoes should have very firm soles and heels, so you will not slip on surfaces that are not very slippery. Your feet also need to fit in the shoes properly so you will not slip around. If you wear flat shoes, you may slide around all over the place instead of gaining enough traction. You can also go for boots when you do indoor rock climbing tips as they can protect your feet better. In addition to wearing proper shoes, always tie laces up properly so you won’t get slips.

One of the most important pieces of equipment you need when doing indoor rock climbing tips is a harness. The harness is useful for controlling yourself when you are climbing and holds you securely in place. The harness can either be made of leather or nylon. It is important to choose one that fits you well so you won’t get discomfort when you are climbing. It should also be adjustable to fit your height.

Ropes And Pulleys

Another piece of rock climbing gear, you should take along when going to the mountain are ropes and pulleys. Ropes are needed to help you tie into special stands called anchors. Pulleys are used to lift your feet and pull yourself up with them. These rock climbing tips can easily be purchased at local sporting goods stores. With a little research you can find great deals at your local sporting goods store on the equipment you need to become an expert climber.


For indoor rock climbing tips, gloves are an essential part of the kit. Gloves protect your hands from dirt, rock, and other hazards. Your hands should also be protected from cold if you plan to do a lot of climbing in the winter. The best gloves are made of leather so they will not crack or tear easily. Most rock climbing shops will have a large selection of gloves available to test for yourself.


When you buy your rock climbing shoes, you will also need to buy some chalk and a chalk bag to practice on. To keep the chalk from slipping you will want to wear a chalk bag. Chalk can also be used for warm up and cool down. Some climbers choose to use a small sipping mug to mix chalk and water. You can easily purchase these mugs at any drugstore.

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