Rock Climbing Walls DIY: How To Build?

How To Build Rock Climbing Wall Diy?

Ready to wake the spider man in you? Need to clear your head after a day of exhausting work? Want to introduce your offspring to your passion for rock climbing walls near you? What if you built a climbing wall at home? It seems completely far-fetched, okay, but since when did you dream of it without daring to do it? It’s time to get started and fulfill your childhood dream!

How To Build Rock Climbing Wall Diy?
Rock Climbing Walls DIY: How To Build?

1. Choose A Wall That Is Strong Enough

Use walls made of concrete, stone, brick, blockwork or wood frame and banter at all costs the plasterboard walls, which would be unable to support such a structure.

Check out our handy guide to find out if a wall is wall-free or not.

2. Make Sure You Have Enough Room To Climb Safely

Your wall must have a height of at least 2.5 m and a minimum width of 3 m.

3. Make A Spacious Clearance In Front Of The Wall

Climbing is often synonymous with falls. It’s normal when you learn and you’re a bit of a pain. Only when it comes to your dear blondes, shivers come along the backbone to the idea of a drama. That’s why you’re never too careful: plan a clearance of at least 3 meters and put mattresses and big cushions.

If you are not afraid of the investment, do not hesitate to go to the side of specialized sports shops. You will find mats and mattresses designed specifically for the gym. You and your children will be able to get away without hurting themselves.

Tools You Do Not Have Yet But You Will Need

Here is the list of necessary tools for rock climbing wall DIY near:

  • A hammer
  • A screwdriver or a screwdriver
  • A drill and wood wicks 5 mm and 12 mm in diameter, as well as bits adapted to the nature of the wall
  • Jigsaw or wood saw
  • An Allen key 8 mm thick
  • 18 mm thick plywood panels
  • Cleats (herringbone) fir section 50 by 75 mm
  • Steel brackets up to 50 mm wide
  • Wood screws, 50 mm long and 5 mm in diameter and 70 to 120 mm long for 7 to 10 mm in diameter
  • Anchors adapted to your wall (for screws with a diameter of 7 to 10 mm and a depth of 70 to 120 mm)
  • Climbing holds

The 6 Stages Of Construction Of Rock Climbing Wall Diy

We finally get to the heart of the matter!

Allow about 6 hours to build a 4.5m by 3m climbing wall. By bribing one or two friends, you are going to spend much less time, but (hush!) We did not tell you anything.

1. Prepare The Frame Of Your Rock Climbing Wall Diy

Cut the cleats to form a frame to the dimensions of your future climbing wall.

Count about 150 cm between the cleats.

2. Assemble The Cleats Together

Use brackets to assemble the cleats together. Prepare the holes for the spin, then tighten the screws using the drill or a screwdriver.

There is no shame in calling a professional:

3. Secure The Structure To The Wall

For this step, be careful not to pierce the wall right away!

Once the cleats are mounted, position the frame against the wall and mark the points where you will pass the screws. Drill the frame at the markers in the felt pen.

Post on the felt wall the location of the holes that have just been drilled.

Remove the structure from the wall and then drill the wall with a wick adapted to the nature of the wall and the selected ankles. Put the dowels, then screw the structure to the wall with screws 7 to 10 mm in diameter and 70 to 120 mm deep.

4. Secure The Plywood Panels To The Cleats For A Rock Climbing Walls Near

Cut the plywood sheets to the dimensions of your structure and screw them to the cleats.

5. Choose And Mark The Locations Of The Climbing Holds

Whether you feel the soul of a mountaineer, the agility of a monkey or on the contrary that you have never climbed, the location of the catch will depend on the degree of difficulty desired.

If you will be mostly adults using the wall, plan for sockets spaced 45 cm apart on average. On the contrary, if the climbing wall is for children, space the catches by only about 30 cm.

How To Build Rock Climbing Wall Diy?
Rock Climbing Walls DIY: How To Build?

6. Rock Climbing Walls DIY: Secure The Plugs To The Wall

Drill 12 mm diameter holes. Secure the nuts with a hammer and drill driver.

It’s ready! Hands in compote and sweat on the brow, you can be proud of yourself, your children will jump for joy seeing the result!

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