Saddle Tree Stands – Why Hunters and Fishermen Should Use a Stand

saddle tree stand

A saddle tree stand is an excellent choice for protecting your most valuable asset while displaying it to the public for all to view. Single horse saddle trees come in simple folding styles which are extremely easy to store in small storage areas. Some of the Western saddle trees have large benches or racks attached to the trunk of the tree. These racks can be used to hang saddle equipment or other displays while allowing a person easier access to the saddle itself. English saddle trees come in different styles and designs, including ones that are simple and fold up into a convenient saddle case. Some models have small drawers on the side to store other small items, while others are made of hardwood or metal and used as a stand-alone display.

You can use a saddle tree stand to display almost anything. From a large white canvas to a beautiful hunting dog tag, there are lots of different options for you to choose from. Western saddles are a popular choice, especially since they are so popular with western enthusiasts. If you have some original pieces left after purchasing a hunting dog tag, you can use them as a display piece in your home or office. You can also expand your collection by purchasing other types of saddle trees, such as an elk or whitetail. You can even expand your collection by purchasing other types of climbing trees.

Saddle Tree Stand

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So what’s the difference between a regular tree and a saddle tree? The main difference is in size and weight. A saddle tree is significantly smaller than a regular tree, while also weighing considerably less. Using tapatalk to expand your collection isn’t difficult either, especially if you already own other collectibles. Here’s a quick guide to show you how to transform your saddle into an art masterpiece.

To expand… The first thing you need to do to expand… The February Series R 2600 is a great choice to start off with. This is one of the best saddle frames made, thanks to its uniquely jointed spring system and smooth lines. To make this even better, it works great with tapatalk. To purchase this frame, simply click on the image to the right.

To expand… Now, if you’re looking for something that is similar to the Feb tree but larger, there’s another great choice to make. The Staunton saddle rack company produces a unique collection of saddle racks. These are actually larger versions of their mount system that they produce for their Feb series. They have been specially manufactured to fit the largest of horses and to have extra hip supports, among other features. For more information on these unique saddle racks, check out the Staunton website.

A Much Ado

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The saddle tree has many uses, but probably its most famous use is for hunters. Hunters who want to carry a bit more gear in their horse, but don’t want to have to put it on a hand climber, can make good use of this handy accessory. Hunters can attach their harnesses, ropes, harness, etc to the tree so that they don’t have to worry about their horse dragging anything around while hunting. Some hunters even prefer to expand their saddle tree to include an antler stand, which is a very useful addition. If you haven’t seen a hunter get outfitted with a saddle tree, then you’ll never see the point!

But these aren’t the only uses that the saddle rack can be used for. Fishermen like to expand their saddlebags to include more storage. The R26 saddle bag works great for this purpose. The expandable bags work great as saddlebags too. Fishermen can carry all kinds of tackle, lures, salmon eggs, mussels, and other odds and ends in their R26 expandable saddlebag. You can even roll the R26 saddle bag up and keep it inside your car!

When it comes to hunters and fishermen, there is another great accessory for them to use…the solo wolf hand climber. This great little accessory can be attached right to the side of your seat, or even mounted on your bike (if you prefer). What makes the solo climber unique is the fact that the climber is collapsible, and you can expand its size to accommodate almost any equipment that you’d like to place on it.

Final Words

So hunters and fishermen, have at it. Get ready to expand your saddle case. The Feb handle will expand to hold a multitude of items, and there are plenty of strap options if you’d like. The Feb handles will attach to both handlebars and handle axles, so you’ll be prepared for anything the hunting or fishing conditions could throw at you. If you’re a bowhunter or a bowhunter in search of an expansion, check out the FEB Handle Company website. The company has been in business since 2021.

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