Selecting Ice Climbing Clothing and Ice Climbing Gear – All You Need To Know

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There are many types of ice climbing clothing that a climber should have. These include gloves, socks, pants and jackets. A person who is just learning to climb can start with a pair of black diamond gloves. This will give them the ability to put their hands in the snow and ice to protect themselves, and it also allows them to keep their hands warm in cold weather.

Ice Climbing Clothing

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The next type of gear a person needs when going on an ice climbing trip is a set of thick wool socks. Wool is a great material to use for insulation as it keeps the feet from getting cold at a fast rate. The best time to climb in a thermal resistant sock is during the early morning or late evening. The reason being is when it starts to get dark out, the sun’s rays won’t heat the socks as much. Another great tip for packing lists for mountaineering is to bring extra thermal socks for those long winter nights.

Once a person has the proper protective gear, they can start thinking about their ice climbing packing list. This usually includes a thick wool winter hat that is waterproof. A cotton turtleneck and some multi-fit pants with at least a pair of socks that are waterproof are all that’s needed. No other gear is needed except for an emergency beacon.

Ice Climbing Equipment

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One popular piece of ice climbing equipment is the Petzl cams. These are small lanyards that attach to the harness and belt loops. They are great to have if there are any dangerous falls that could result in a trip to the hospital. Petzl also makes a cameo style coat that comes in many colors. The metal camo shoes come in either pink or black.

Another important piece of equipment is the locking carabiner. There are two types: quick link and classic link. The quick link is the one that goes through the pants and waist to the top of the harness. The classic link has a loop that goes around the waist with a locking device that attaches to the harness.

Climbing Harness

Diamond crystals are used on some of the better ice climbing harnesses. Diamond crystals are cut into smooth plates, and then they are placed inside a vacuum tube that is attached to a hand crank. When this device is turned on, electricity is produced. This energy is then used to heat up a small coil of diamond and send it to a quartz crystal collector. A black diamond is used because it absorbs light much better than a pure white diamond which is what most people prefer.

Most climbers will use black diamond rings. However, petlq and DMM rings are available. These rings are worn on the same finger as the diamond piece but have a little black line between them. This line is completely invisible to the eye. The advantage of these rings is that they are stronger and do not scratch as easily.


Petzl is the manufacturer of ice climbing gloves. They make two different styles; one is made with Velcro, and the other is made without. Both are very popular. The petlq gloves have dual points on the palm side and a pink stripe down the inside of the pink finger. The DMM gloves also have dual points, but they are black in color.

Another type of important ice climbing equipment is the first aid kit. If you are an individual who likes to climb alone, then the pet first aid kit is the right choice for you. This is because it is lightweight and easily fits in your pocket.

However, if you prefer to be by yourself and like the challenge, then you should choose a good locking carabiner. A locking carabiner allows you to secure your ice climbing equipment to the tree without using the strap. This makes securing your equipment very secure, and you do not have to worry about losing a harness or other items when you are going solo. You also do not have to worry about losing your ground, as the locking carabiner will stop the line from being snagged on sharp rocks.

Bottom Line

The petlq and DMM ice tools are also great additions to your ice tools. These ice tools are made up of two pieces that are attached to each other with a stainless steel bolt and a nylon swivel. This is one of the newest innovations in ice tools that gives the climber a safer way to secure their gear. Another new feature that this brand comes with is the pick angle, which is a design that allows for the use of either a full face or a blunt nose pick angle.

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