Some Famous Mountain Climbing Clothing Brands

A man riding on top of a snow covered mountain

Nowadays, it has been seen that a lot of people have started mountain climbing. Thus, a lot of mountain climbing clothing brands have been introduced in the market. As we compare to average fashion brands, we can differentiate them through their style and the country they are manufactured. If you are a beginner, you must need some essential accessories for mountain climbing, and they should be trustable.

Moreover, you may think that these mountain climbing clothing brands might be old-fashioned, but they have come too far. You can get various styles, colors, and clothes you want, even as per your country’s style. So you might be excited to know about these famous clothing brands, so let us check them out below.

Arc Teryx: Mountain Climbing Clothing Brand

A rocky mountain with trees in the background

Arc teryx originated from the Vancouver city of Canada. It was established in the year 1989, by a climber, which gives it a plus point from other brands. You can find various items for extreme outdoor conditions, like climbing gears, weather shells, and other climbing gears. This brand gained popularity through its climbing jacket, and it has got so many positive reviews, as it was durable and was made of some solid material, which led to its massive sales in the market. 

Nowadays, as per consumers’ demands, they have introduced many slim waterproof jackets and slim silhouettes. The brand has been changed from technical wear clothing to lifestyle clothing, as they have come up with a lot of beautiful styling. Hence, it is a great brand to buy, though expensive, worthy of buying, due to the quality they offer. 

The North Face: Mountain Climbing Clothing Brands

A man standing on top of a snow covered mountain

When we talk about mountain climbing clothing brands, how can we forget the North face? For some who may not know about this brand, this is the USA-originated brand, found by Eddie Bauer in the year 1968. The north face also gained popularity in the market through its rough and tough jackets. But as we know, the gears have become a fashion. Hence, this brand took care of that, and they offer one of the best and stylish climbing gear. As we know, it is named after Yosemite’s half dome. It has satisfied its customers with the best technologies, durable material, and adoring design and shapes. Moreover, this brand knows how to gain popularity and make the best products through making collaborations. For instance, Junya Watanabe, and others.

Patagonia: Mountain Climbing Brand

This brand is also found in the USA, and it has gained popularity due to its iconic logo. The primary purpose of this brand is to save the environment by making environment-friendly products, and they donated their tax cuts for the environment. This brand has earned its popularity from its brilliant effects and thinking about the earth, making it the best brand to try. 

Summing Up

As we have seen, there are still a lot of brads, which are not covered in this article like Houdini, Haglofs, Mammut, Salomon, etc. therefore, people now have a lot of choices, so you should buy the products as per your need, and budget, and follow your passion of mountain climbing.

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