The Camp Climbing Gear You Need To Survive Camp Climbing

camp climbing gear

But did you know that rock climbing is also a great way to spend time with your family? And that’s why it’s important to take some time choosing the right camping equipment before you go on a climbing trip. There are lots of different pieces of equipment to choose from, but some of them are more essential than others.

Important Piece Of Rock Climbing Equipment

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The most important piece of rock climbing equipment is obviously your tent. When buying a tent you want to make sure that you get one that is a proper size for your body. You should also make sure that you buy a tent that has the sturdiness and durability that you will need. There are several types of tents you can choose from, including those that are dome tents and those that are tube. Usually, a full-dome tent is designed for taller individuals who like to rock climb. However, if you just plan to climb locally, a regular camping tent will do just fine.

Another essential piece of climbing gear is a good pair of climbing shoes. A lot of people overlook this essential piece of equipment, but it can save you a lot of frustration. For starters, a tent will provide you shade from the sun, but the soles of your shoes will be exposed to the ground. This can cause blisters and can even injure your feet if they are not properly protected. So you will want to look for a pair of rock climbing shoes that have excellent arch support and that offer some protection against sharp rocks that may be on the surface of the tent. Make sure that your shoes have some sturdy soles to keep them on your feet.

Good Sleeping Bag

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Next on the camping gear checklist is a good sleeping bag. You want to find a sleeping bag that is large enough to allow you to lay down comfortably. There are two types of sleeping bags: closed cell foam and open cell. The closed cell foam is warmer and tends to mold to the shape of your body; open cell sleeping bags use air cells to insulate your body from the heat of the bag. Both types are comfortable, but closed cell is more expensive.

Climbing Harness

Next on your list is climbing harness. This is another important piece of climbing gear. The right harness will keep your body in the most comfortable position when climbing. The type of climbing harness you use depends on what type of climbing you will be doing. It is recommended that you spend some time getting a feel for which type works best for you.

Summing Up

Camping can be an enjoyable activity for the whole family. However, if you ever get lost or hurt, you will want to have all the necessary pieces of camp climbing gear with you to help survive the night. It is especially important that you have a first aid kit on hand to help with any kind of medical emergency. A lot of people think they already have everything they need for camping, but when something happens that is really important to have along, make sure that you buy camp climbing gear and take as many pieces with you as you can to be prepared for whatever happens.

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