Tips For Buying the Best Climbing Pants

best climbing pants

Choosing the best climbing pants can be an exercise in trial and error. The sport of rock climbing is a popular outdoor activity, enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities. Rock climbing is increasingly popular among men and women alike. As such, equipment designed specifically for this activity is not difficult to come by.

Recently, the market has been flooded with apparel designed specifically for rock climbing. The growing need has turned climbing pants, into a niche of their very own, associated with (but different from) more traditional outdoor hiking and mountaineering pants. To be honest, with the exceptions of one, you can be pretty happy placing any of the mentioned pants in your wardrobe. However, a few things must be considered when purchasing the best climbing pants.

An Overview

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First of all, a good pair of rock climbing pants should be made of high quality material. When selecting a pair of pants, make sure that they are constructed of a dense breathable fabric. A material that is too thick can actually trap moisture inside the fabric, which can cause it to become wetter while you are climbing. While some manufacturers have moved away from using heavy synthetics, most prana pants and other booty pants are still made of heavy-duty cotton duck.

The second thing to look at is fit. If you are going to be doing a lot of activity in your best rock climbing pants, fit is an important factor. You want a pair that is not too tight or loose, especially around the waist and hips. Since most people tend to move around in their pants, make sure that they aren’t too loose so that they won’t get caught up in your clothing as you are moving.

Another important feature to look for in the best climbing pants is the suspension system. Different brands offer different levels of suspension, so you want to try several pairs on to see which system works best for you. Some suspension systems include air cells and neoprene foam to provide increased suspension for increased comfort and stability. Other suspension systems, such as the popular sag collar and hammertone drop handle harness, use either a single-point or multi-point system that is adjustable according to your height and body weight.

Buying Best Climbing Pants

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Finally, look for breathability when selecting pants for hiking or climbing. In general, pants with more breathability are more comfortable and easier to keep dry and warm. Breathability is especially important during cold weather conditions, because cold air will condense on your clothing and become hard to dry out. Meanwhile, the more breathable your pants are, the easier they will allow your skin to breathe. As an added bonus, breathable pants will be easier to clean after hiking and climbing.

Look for durable materials when buying your pants. Although nylon and polyester are both durable and popular fabrics, they are not the best choice for all circumstances. Nylon, for example, tends to lose shape and stretch over time, which can make it susceptible to ripping or tearing. A high quality polyester-cotton blend, on the other hand, will stay flat and move quietly with you as you move through the park. Durable fabrics are less likely to rip, and if the seam breaks, they will usually have a lifetime warranty to repair or replace any damage.

The final consideration for choosing the best climbing pants is price. While quality, durability, and breathability should all be considered, affordability may still be the deciding factor. However, the overall cost of the pants may be determined by your level of climb and the number of climbing trips you plan to take. As a rough guide, choose the least expensive fabric, which will offer the highest level of durability and breathability, then consider the level of sun protection each fabric offers and finally, choose your pants based on your budget.

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