Top 3 Adidas Womens Climbing Clothing Pants

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Whether you are planning to go out climbing, hiking, or working out at a gym, these Adidas women’s climbing clothing pants are all you need. Finding the best climbing pants is a real pain when there are so many brands in the market claiming to be the best. 

The best climbing pants are something that keeps you covered, allows you to have full movements, and endure heavy use. Adidas women’s climbing clothing is all that you need to have while climbing, hiking, trek from top to bottom. Adidas women’s climbing clothing is tested, properly analyzed, and gives you the freedom to move your best; the quality is long-lasting and has style in the look of their clothing. 

Adidas Women’s Climbing Clothing That Are Ideal For Outdoor Activities

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Terrex Hike Pants

Terres hike pants that will cost you around an affordable price is what Adidas women’s climbing clothing presents after the prayers of female climbers. The wide elastic waistband is very much comfortable, and it perfectly fits the harness. 

You can adjust the bottom cuffs to fit ankles, and it also has pockets that are flat and low-key that you didn’t even feel like having until you looked in the mirror. It will also mold your body shape, and it is not too tight or baggy in the wrong areas. 

Five Ten Climb Felsblock Pants

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Women who prefer wearing body-hugging pants five-ten climb Felsblock pants is something Adidas women’s climbing clothing has for you. The material is quite steady and shows zero tears, pilling, etc. The waistband is quite high to keep the belly inside and protect against harnesses. The fabric is stretchable, resistant and you should give it a try. 

They don’t have pockets as pockets in body-hugging Adidas women’s climbing clothing isn’t ideal. This is because body-hugging clothes are stretchable, and any sharp objects in your pocket with edges like a phone, wallet, camera might tear a small section. 

Terrex Agravic Tights

For women who are fond of snug and secure feeling in their climbing pants, this Adidas women’s climbing clothing is for you. These Terrex Agravic tights can resist endless hours at the gym sessions and will last for many more than three months of regular use. These show no embarrassing wet zones because it has a moisture-wicking finish on the polyester material. 

The wide elastic waistband seems like it is specially made for harnesses. It will be the most comfortable and flattering pair of tights that you will ever own. For gym sessions and indoor projects, this is the best option. However, we are still unsure how long (months) it can resist the climbing. 


You will appreciate the small details that Adidas women’s climbing clothing have from zipper flat pockets to seamless pockets they have. Adidas women’s climbing clothing is the most trusted brand in the market for climbing, hiking, gyming clothing you should consider buying from.

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