Top 3 Essential Sport Climbing Equipment in 2020

sport climbing equipment

Sport climbing is one of the hobbies that are mostly not that expensive and very obtainable when you own your equipment. If sport climbing is what makes you excited and you want to test your newly learned skills then owning your gear first is probably the best idea.

Or perhaps you’re a traditionally experienced climber who wants to join the sport crag in your locality, so you need to upgrade your climbing equipment. Whatever the case may be, all climbers need to have some necessary sport climbing gear to enjoy your climbing safely. So, in this article, we’ve listed the top three essential sport climbing equipment that you’ll need at all costs.

Climbing Shoes – The Basic Necessity

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The hardest and most unique routes for sport climbing in the country such as the Waimea Crag in Rumney or the routes in the Red River Gorge demand cambered climbing shoes with a pointy toe, as they’re quite overhung and precipitous. The shoe style allows you to not cut your toe on the overhung and helps to use the toe hooks. The velcro closure shoes also are a great option for sport climbing as they help you to remove it while moving to another route.

Quickdraws to Secure a Route

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The sport routes have a fixed-line of drilled bolts onto the rocks and anchors at the top, so a sport climber must have quickdraws in his or her rack to secure the route. Quintessentially, the quickdraws come in longer and shorter versions like 15 to 18 cm long and 10 to 12 cm long respectively. The lighter short quickdraws are for the forward route while the longer ones for an overhung cliff because of the reduced rope drag. The combination of both is great to have as you can utilizing them in any circumstances. You would need a quickdraw for each bolt of the route and along with two for the anchors, you’ll need two or three more for some tricky predicament. It takes 12-16 draws normally but you should be prepared for the areas you’re going to climb to determine the numbers of the quickdraws.

A Definite Necessity – Sport Harness

Though climbing harnesses are primarily the same and used for distributing your weight and to catch you if you fall, some harnesses are made for the specific needs of the distinctive types of climbers. Sport climber’s harness is of minimalist design and lightweight because they don’t need facilities like many gear loops. Since the sport climbing route doesn’t require hanging from the rock for all day as it’s single pitch, the harnesses have thinner waist belts and leg loops.

The sport climbing harnesses are much lighter than the all-around harnesses for big walls, traditional route, or alpine ice. The lighter harness is the apt gear for sport climbers from local crag or Gym as they will be enthused to push themselves more.


Sport climbing has so many potentials for opportunities and adventure. If your gym isn’t cutting it to feel that zeal or freedom, you can always show up to a crag and utilize your essential sport climbing equipment along with the ones we discussed in the article.

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