Tree Climbing Equipment – The Basic And Safety Equipment You Need

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Tree climbing is a very good physical exercise for kids. The physical challenges included in tree climbing boosts a child’s self-esteem1. Although tree climbing is a good physical it is very risky too. Proper gear and equipment are essential for tree climbing. Let’s discuss some important gear and Tree Climbing Equipment that should be worn and used during tree climbing.

Tree Climbing Equipment Basics

A lot of people find tree climbing just a risky exercise but that’s not it there are tons of benefits for tree climbing 

Some of those benefits are as follows:-

It develops a person’s physical strength 

It helps to improve a person’s concentration and focus

Climbing trees can help children become more flexible in body and mind

It is a great way to connect with nature

A person’s safety is most important. Proper gear and equipment can make tree climbing easy and protect them in case of any unfortunate accidents.

Tree Climbing Equipment – Details

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Below are some of the tree-climbing gear and equipment along with their features.

Carabiners, Clips, Links, And Shackles

Connective elements are one of the most important parts of tree climbing. While climbing a tree you need to have absolute trust in these connective elements to move forward. The quality of these connective elements should be very good. Different types of carabiners are double locking carabiners, screw locking carabiners, accessory carabiners, and ANSI-rated carabiners. Some other connective elements include carabiner accessories like nylon webbing slings, corner traps, daisy traps chains, and rollers, steel and aluminum rope clips, swivels, links, clevises, shackles, specialized saw and tool holders, etc.

Climbing Ropes

Arborist climbing ropes are the safest option as the life of the people depends on the quality of the rope. Different types of ropes are SRS climbing rope, 24-strand climbing rope, 16-strand climbing rope, 12-strand climbing rope, arbor master rope, arbor-plex, ascender, Bifrost, etc. are some of ropes.


As this activity involves a lot of risks proper clothing is of utmost importance. Ignorance of proper clothing can lead to injuries and accidents. Climbing clothes includes climbing boots which provide a tight grip while climbing. There are special kinds of pants build for tree climbing it protects your legs from getting scratched and also keeps them warm. Lightweight, breathable, elbow-shaped abrasion-resistant jackets are designed to increase a person’s mobility. These jackets have features like moisture management, a 6-way stretch concept to reduce fatigue, interior pocket, deep pockets, removable zip-off sleeves, etc. Other clothing gear includes rope handling gloves, high-quality wool undergarments, rain gear, etc.


After looking at all the features of the equipment one thing that is common among all is that they provide overall protection to the body. You can choose equipment as per your needs, budget, and several other factors. It is advisable not to compromise on the quality of the equipment. Different gears and equipment are available for kids doing tree climbing for fun and professionals. You can always avail the best tree climbing equipment without investing a hefty budget in it.

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