Tree Climbing Techniques YouTube – Here Are The Gears You Require To Get Started

tree climbing techniques youtube

Researching about the tree climbing techniques YouTube doesn’t actually teach you about the combination of safety gears. This is something you’ll only learn from someone who is climbing trees for decades. When you’re having all the appropriate safety gear, learning different climbing techniques becomes easy for you. 

However, the proper safety gear purchase depends on what tree climbing techniques you prefer to use. See there are hundreds of equipments present in the market which are helpful and handy. But, that doesn’t mean you need to grab every single gear used for tree climbing. 

So whether you’re professional or beginner, here are the gears you undoubtedly require while scaling trees easily. 

Climbing Rope

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You can grab all the safety and necessary climbing gears from the market, but without climbing rope, nothing is possible. A bunch of high-quality and extremely climbing ropes should be present in your kit. There are hundreds of ropes available in the market, but you need to grab the ones specially designed for tree climbing. 

Rock climbing ropes are also not suitable; hence, you need to avoid them at first glance. For any tree climber, climbing rope is the lifeline; thus, you can’t think of cost-cutting while purchasing tree climbing ropes. 

Climbing ropes are available in different sizes, but you don’t have to think much about it. If you’re purchasing climbing ropes for the first time, pick 2-3 ropes of different sizes. When you watch the tree climbing techniques YouTube, you’ll realize climbing ropes are double the length of the trees. 

In a nutshell, whether you purchase something for your safety or not, but don’t forget to grab the best possible climbing ropes from the market. 


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From tree climbing to rock climbing, you can’t think of keeping carabiners away from your climbing kit. This is the essential gear that should be present in every climber’s kit. Carabiners are available in different styles; you need to pick the ones according to your purposes. 

As you’re interested in tree climbing, we’ll recommend the ones having Auto Locking and Triple Action Feature. Plus, carabiners available in the steel material are pretty costly, but they undoubtedly last for years and years. Like climbing ropes, only invest in high-quality and durable carabiners. 


Prusik is commonly known as friction hitch. Prusik hitch is used for adjusting the position of the climbing rope depending on the tree length. With the friction hitch, you can easily ascend and descend from the trees. When you’re ascending or descending, friction is created that causes heat and can burn your climbing role. 

For protecting your climbing rope from friction and helping you in ascending/descending, Prusik is used for various purposes. This gear is available on meter basis so that you can purchase it according to your climbing rope length. 

Final Thoughts

So these are some basics that are a must in your tree climbing kit. As you’re a beginner, first learn the rope climbing techniques, gain some practical knowledge, and purchase some safety essentials. 

We hope now you’ll scale the trees easily and have loads of fun with your mates!

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