Types Of Mountain Climbers Workout

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Climbers are an excellent power move for runners. They raise your heart rate, test your stability and agility, and burn calories in your muscles. Mountain climbers, though typically thought of as a lower-body workout, also work the upper arms and core. Mountain climbers’ explosiveness means it doesn’t take much to gain the benefits, so you can incorporate this activity into your daily pre- or post-run routine without investing a lot of time. Check out these mountain climbers workout variants-

1.Mountain Climber Repeats

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When you reach the finish line, you’ll be delighted. These repeats will prepare you for the weariness you’ll feel in the final 10K if you’re preparing for a marathon. If you’re training for a 5K, these exercises will help you build the strength and power you’ll need for shorter distances. This is an effective mountain climbers workout. On a length of level grass, mark off 0.10 miles, or use the mainline on an empty track. Complete one set of mountain climbers starting in a high plank posture (left, right, left, right). Take a huge broad step forward after standing up straight. Return to the mountain climber position and do one set of left.

2.Frozen Fartlek

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Prepare to have your obliques burn. This variation engages your deep core muscles, which aid in the stabilisation of your pelvis and spine during running. Set a timer for every three and five seconds with an app like Seconds (iTunes and Google Play). This is an effective mountain climbers workout. Begin by holding a high plank position. For three seconds, accomplish as many mountain climbers as you can. Freeze your posture for five seconds after the timer runs off. Restart mountain climbers for three seconds once the five seconds are up. For a total of two minutes, switch between these fast bursts and rests.

3.Mountain-Climber Fire Donkey

Multiple moves—and benefits—are snuck in through variations like this. It develops eccentric quad strength as well as huge hip and core strength, which are all necessary for downhill success. Begin by holding a high plank position. Do a set of mountain climbers (left, right, left, right), then tighten your core and push your right leg out to the side (bent about 90 degrees) for a fire hydrant. This is an effective mountain climbers workout. To do a donkey kick, return to the starting position and push straight back. Complete another round of climbers before returning to the left side and repeating the moves. Switch for 60 seconds or until each team has completed five fire hydrants and mule kicks.

4.Plank Jack

The gluteus maximus is the most popular muscle in the gym. However, your hip abductors and medial glute—a smaller muscle that runs along the side of your back and keeps your pelvis stable when you’re moving—need some attention. This modification will energise them. Begin by holding a high plank position. This is an effective mountain climbers workout. A set of mountain climbers should be performed (left, right, left, right). Then, like a jumping jack, reverse the movement and complete one plank jack by hopping both feet apart and back together. 4 plank jacks completed For 60 seconds, alternate between the two exercises. By wrapping a skipping rope around your ankles, you can make it more difficult.

Wrapping up 

After you’ve mastered the traditional mountain climber, try one of these five variants devised, Life Time runners coach and designer of the Fitness Protection Program. These are the best mountain climbers workout ideas.

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