Using Botw Gear Locations To Find Good Climbing Gear In Zelda

botw climbing gear locations

As a fan of Zelda Breath of the Wild, I wanted to share some info about the different regions that are accessible throughout the game. Although it isn’t actually part of the game, finding and using the various items and gadgets throughout the regions is critical to completing your goals. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just starting out, I hope this will help you decide what to do with the extra time you have.

The Northern Cave is a great place for someone just starting out as there are a number of high ground rocks that provide great places to hide and practice climbing. You’ll find a new climbing gear item called the Goron Sword here which is used to cut down trees and other plants. This specific weapon can be obtained relatively easily by searching the surrounding area for high branches or cutting down trees that are in the way of your climb. Once you’ve found this powerful weapon, you’ll be able to continue heading north until you reach the bridge leading to the bottom of the Northern Cave.

The Southern Cave

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The Southern Cave is known for containing a white crystal which can be used to power up your Link weapons. The Goron Sword can be found by going underneath the waterfall on the eastern side of this cave. Once you’ve made your way to the base of the waterfall, Link will need to use the Goron Sword against the creatures hanging around underneath. Once you’ve killed all the enemies, you can continue to head southwest until you encounter the giant who wants to sacrifice the child of his ancestors to get the crystal.

The Bay Bridge in the northwest portion of the map is another ideal location for using your Zelda breath when climbing. There’s an ancient temple inside which houses three statues of different characters from the Zelda series including the Links and Zelda herself. Inside the temple, there’s a pot containing the legendary Triforce that must be taken to restore the Master Sword. To get to this shrine, you’ll have to make your way through the winding, narrow tunnels that lead directly to the entrance.

the Mountain Temple

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The final location for your Zelda Breath clipping the Botw tree is the Mountain Temple, where you can find the third and final legendary item. The legendary blade, the Hylian Ice, can be obtained by standing on top of the platform which contains a hole where Link needs to fall down. After landing, Link will be confronted with the ice statue which will block his progress. Link must use his shield to defend himself from being frozen by the statue, and he must avoid sliding along the ice on the ground by stepping on it. After Link successfully clears the platform, he will be rewarded with the legendary blade.

In order to maximize your gear’s potential, you should know where certain gear pieces are located in a game. For Zelda, you can generally know where the best spots to climb are just by looking at the minimum. By seeing where Link’s weapons are, you will be able to determine which route to take to reach the next Gear location or boss. The same strategy works when searching for any of the other gear in the game.

The Cave Of Wonders

If you intend to search for the best climbing gears in the game, you should be aware that there are quite a few of them in the game. The problem is that not all of them are worthwhile to use, especially if you’re just starting out. That is why you should pay special attention to the Cave of Wonders, which is considered to be one of the best gear locations in Zelda. At the cave, there are two weapons that are useful for Link, including the Hookshot and Bombs. Because these items are used to scale the sheer rock face, they are not easy to come across and thus, should be used sparingly.

There are also other gear locations in Zelda that are very hard to find. For example, you can’t find the Master Sword in the game until you finish the game. This requires that you use a whole hoard of bombs and other items that you find on other Gear Locations in Zelda.


In fact, it is actually possible to collect all the items in the game without having to kill a single enemy! It is also possible to get the bulk of the weapons and armor for Link from the Hylia helm in this game. So make sure you look carefully for gear locations when you are searching for a good game.

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