Wall Climbing Techniques That Can Make The Activity Super Fun

Wall Climbing Techniques

A good climber climbs the wall with fewer efforts, attacking the climbing problems with techniques. They differ depending upon the angle of climbing, the holds present, and how far they are apart. Suppose you want to become a better climber. In that case, it is necessary to practice it every day to develop enough strength in your fingers, improve grip over the holds, and balance the body’s center of gravity while climbing. Here a few wall climbing techniques are discussed to help you become a better wall climber. Climbing techniques are divided depending upon how you use your feet, how you balance your body, and the efficiency of climbing.

Wall Climbing Techniques Using Feet:

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Feet are the basic foundation for climbing. If you climb a wall pulling yourself up using your hands, you tire out fast, and it isn’t the way of climbing. Climbing is as simple as climbing a ladder, just the way you use your feet to climb up and use your hands to balance yourself. There are two main ways of wall climbing techniques using legs.

Edging is the technique where you will have holds to step on for grip and push yourself up.

Smearing is the condition you don’t have, and you use your shoe front rubber to build up friction and help you hold on to a wall or rock.

Here are few tricks for wall climbing techniques using feet

Concentrate on placing your feet just below you to have a better center of gravity and balance.

Look for foot placement just before you proceed.

After getting a foot grip, hold still at that position till you make the next move.

Let your full heel be in contact with the wall to have a good grip.

Wall Climbing Techniques to Maintain Balance:

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Maintaining balance while climbing is the major aspect, as the ways you climb are not the same always, they may be placed far from each other, that time you need to use your body to balance. Wall climbing techniques for balancing are

You have to create pressure in the opposite direction to your pulling action for better balance.

You can use your body as a counterbalance instead of stress on your hands.

Wall Climbing Techniques for Efficient Climbing:

Extend your hand while placing your feet on the next hold to balance your body. If you bend your elbow, it creates stress on your biceps.

Maintain your hip close to the wall. If you distant your back and hip away from the wall, it extends the pressure on your hand. Hence keeping yourself close to the wall will distribute your body weight equally upon your legs.

The best wall climbing technique is to work on your footwork regularly. You need to practice on the holds which are apart. This makes it easier to climb the holds with small distances. While climbing these, you need to take footholds like a frog maintaining balance.

Use your hand to pull yourself towards the wall instead of pulling yourself up.

Always move slowly and focused, never be in a hurry.

When you feel tired, find a resting point where you can rest for a few seconds with your hands stress-free and your legs balancing your body weight, then plan your next move.


Climbing is a great experience you should have in your life. Using better wall climbing techniques, you can make this easier, stress-free and you will enjoy climbing all through your way. If you plan to have a ride with your legs on a wall, follow these techniques for an efficient climbing experience.

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