WesSpur Tree Equipment – Getting Rid of Those Awful Marks on Your Trees

wesspur tree equipment

“WesSPur is the source for the top-quality arborist equipment needed for all branches of the tree service industry. From ascenders and hand tools to safety equipment and saws for ground work – we’ve got your tree service equipment ready for you! Our warehouse in Bellingham is open to the general public from 7AM to 4PM, Monday through Friday. If you have any questions about our products or services, we’re here to help! Check out the newest tree equipment at WesSpur.”

Easy And Effortless Management

WesSpur is pleased to announce the addition of new items for the New Year. This includes a large assortment of pressure washers and power washing equipment as well as tree pruning shears and other cutting tools. WesSpur urges all tree owners to check out this extensive selection during the off-season. The company is also happy to share some of the latest news regarding its products and services. WesSpur, a Washington based company, offers its clients a full selection of high quality commercial grade pressure washers and steam pressure washing equipment as well as a full assortment of tree care products to help their customers maintain healthy trees. These new additions enhance the customer experience and extend the durability of existing products.

Customer-Centric Solutions

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WesSpur, through its partnership with Renna Investment Products, has opened another exciting avenue for its customers: A Holiday Raffle benefiting their clients. Through this new initiative, WesSpur is helping make sure their valued clients receive the best possible service and products while celebrating the special holiday season. Through the “open monday” program, which is closed on January 1st, anyone is welcome to enter this raffle for a chance to win a completely free pressure washer, compressor, and electric tree trimmer from WesSpur.

Useful Product Lines

For the January 2021 contest, customers can place their name in a drawing for a chance to win a pressure washing unit, a power washing machine, or a cutting tool valued at $500 or more. Two categories will be chosen at random, and the names in each will be the best two among contenders. Only the person who receives the highest ranking name in this drawing will be named the winner. WesSpur staff will visit the homes of the winning customers and evaluate the facilities in order to determine the conditions of the home’s trees. They will present their findings at the end of the year for the competition.

World Wide Prominence

WesSpur has added yet another thrilling contest to its tree-cutting calendar: The SEPTEMBER 2020 Tree Clipper Battle. For this competition, customers are asked to submit a clip of a live tree that they have cut down during the month of September. WesSpur will then select the top three contenders in an exciting tree removal contest. One lucky customer is going to receive a brand new WesSpur power tree trimmer and a matching power washer.


Customers may also look forward to a customer-appreciation raffle during the SEPTember timeframe. During the month of September, WesSpur will present a promotional item to each of their customers who have purchased a minimum of one WesSpur tree gear product during the previous twelve months. The promotional items will be two brand new WesSpur swing sets and a compact lawnmower. A maximum of fifty customers may participate in this promotion.

7. Customer Appreciation

For the December timeframe, WesSpur will once again present a customer-appreciation raffle prize. This time around, the prize will include two brand new swing sets and a compact lawnmower. Each customer who purchases a new WesSpur tree gear product during the month of December will also be entered in the ‘win a week for doing business with WesSpur’ drawing. At the conclusion of the twelve-month period, the highest bidder in the customer-appreciation raffle will win a mini easel and plaque. This promotion is open to U.S. residents only.

Wrapping Up

WesSpur also welcomes new customers during the month of March. Through the end of March, the highest bidder in the customer-appreciation raffle will receive a free new WesSpur tree stand or swing set. Also, if there are not enough products in the store at that particular time for the customer appreciation occasion, the company will extend the deadline for new items until all products are back in stock. Now is a great time to shop at WesSpur because you can save big bucks on your tree care needs!

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