What Are The Best Sport Climbing Gear Tips and Products

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If you are new to the sport of rock climbing, you may not be familiar with the sport climbing gear that is required. It is not as complicated as it seems. The basic equipment for sport climbing can be broken down into three pieces and this is what sport climbers use for protection, stability and comfort. This article will discuss some of the best sport climbing gear for each climbing discipline.

Protection Is Must While Rock Climbing

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As you progress in your rock climbing, you will find that there is a wide variety of protection gear. Your goal should be to protect your body from rock chips, cracks, frost, hail and falling rocks. Your protection level should be high at the beginning and gradually decreased as you gain experience. Rock climbers should never climb alone because there is a higher risk of falling if there is no one to assist you.

Your harness is the most important piece of protection equipment that you will use. Your harness is attached to your harness rope which is usually tied around the waist. Your harness is composed of two pieces; a top harness which hold the ropes to you, and a bottom harness that hold the other ropes to attach you to the rock face. Sometimes your harness is just a torso harness. Whatever type of harness you have will provide protection to you from falling and injury.

The Next Piece Of Protection Gear Is Your Webbing

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There are many different types of webbing available. Some climbers use a nylon/spandex combination while others prefer the strong nylon/leather combination. Some climbers prefer to use V-stitch webbing. You will need several pairs of rock climbing harnesses to carry all your harness ropes and other protection gear. The harnesses should also be breathable because you will be in humid conditions.

A helmet is an essential protection piece. The helmet protects your head and face from rocks, frost, debris and impacts. It should fit snugly without moving or rubbing. You can find helmets at most sporting goods stores.

Harness As The Other Protection Gear

Make sure the harness fits you properly, especially if it is a long harness. If it is a sport climb, the harness should be belay ready and attached to the carabiner that is attached to your harness. A locking carabiner will ensure the safety of your harness.

Climbing gloves are important protection accessories. There are a number of options available, but latex gloves work great for indoor uses and warm, soft leather gloves are good for outdoors uses. The best gloves have extra padding for your fingertips for added comfort. They also should be thick and have a good grip.

Summing Up

As you can see, there are many pieces of gear for sport climbing. It can be difficult knowing where to start when you are just getting started. Talk to other climbers at your gym or nearby outdoor stores to find out where they shop. They will usually be happy to share their secrets and where they get their gear. Good luck with your sport climbing and stay safe!

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